· Technical requirements for installation of cast iron well cover [2017-07-21 hits:4]
Cast iron manhole cover is a kind of nodular cast iron, nodular cast iron by spheroidization and inoculation by spherical graphite, effectively improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, especially the plasticity and toughnes... [READ]
· The material of cast iron well covers determines its superiority [2017-07-21 hits:6]
There are many types of covers, iron, cement, resin, composite, then what kind of material covers good quality? The following is for you to analyze nandrolone Cement covers - cement covers is originally used more and more for ... [READ]
· Self regulating anti settling well cover [2017-07-21 hits:3]
Each city management department of manhole subsidence is a headache, for a large number of covers now appear in the practical application of sinking and highway not a plane and caused damage to vehicles and pedestrians, to bui... [READ]
· Spring manhole cover [2017-07-21 hits:5]
Now covers a lot of names, but also because of market demand for the cover of a lot of refinement, such as three well covers, five manhole cover, anti settlement covers, and spring covers. The following materials for you abou... [READ]
· What are the problems that have been installed on the road covers? How to maintain? [2017-07-21 hits:4]
The following conditions materials to answer this question, put into the road covers at the factory, according to the length of time often have the following problems 1 lost, this is the most important problem encountered manho... [READ]
· Manhole cover installation notes [2017-07-21 hits:3]
The brick masonry construction of the manhole covers shall be determined according to the size of the manhole cover designed by the Design Institute, and its inner diameter, or length, width, radius (if it is in accordance wit... [READ]
· How much is the price of the manhole cover? [2017-07-21 hits:6]
Anti-theft covers are very common, and its range of application is also very extensive, cast iron covers prices have been deeply concerned about consumers. Here comes to introduce specific content. Containing a carbon fiber cast ... [READ]
· The national standard and installation notice of cast iron well cover [2017-07-21 hits:4]
Small cast iron covers bear the responsibility of people travel safety, therefore, these standards are also built for everyone's safety, not careless oh! Set the light Q grade mark occasions prohibit motor vehicles entering th... [READ]
· Rain Olivier [2017-07-21 hits:6]
Press material Cast iron, stainless steel, zinc plated, glass fibre reinforced concrete, resin etc. By style Grate, single grate, double open grate, three open grate, etc. Specific classification Ordinary Rain Olivier: that is the ste... [READ]
· Size selection of Rain Olivier [2017-07-21 hits:5]
(1) the direction of the flat steel is bearing (supporting) direction, and the length of the flat bar is L according to the width of the groove (well). (2) according to the groove length, the standard of the processing modulu... [READ]