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Manhole cover installation notes

The brick masonry construction of the manhole covers shall be determined according to the size of the manhole cover designed by the Design Institute, and its inner diameter, or length, width, radius (if it is in accordance with the actual sample construction) shall also be carried out in accordance with the standards. When laying well, we must pay attention to the inside diameter of the wellhead. It should be in accordance with the inside diameter of the manhole and the grate. The well installed well should be in line with the road surface.
Cement pavement well base installation, concrete casting thickness of 20CM beam with C25 at the wellhead smooth brick masonry, must maintain a well seat four indeed, overall smooth, not loose, and the width of concrete protective covers casting ring 40CM (if it is a cement road, also can cast width of concrete protective ring, 20CM and by reinforcing the maintenance period) to more than 10 days.
When installing manhole covers on asphalt pavement, attention shall be paid to avoiding the direct rolling of the well seat by the construction machinery. When the whole road is being cast, the holes in the pavement should be reserved slightly larger than the well seat. (all concrete pavement shall be installed after two stones are laid and compacted) to ensure the quality of manhole covers so as to prolong the service life.
In order to maintain the cover of the aesthetic appearance of the surface pattern and handwriting clear, the application of thin iron cover on the well cover or waste oil brush cover in asphalt pavement construction, prevent the asphalt oil spray on the well cover; in cement concrete pavement construction, application of plastic cover, to prevent water contamination of mortar cover the surface damage, surface pattern, handwriting, can also complete the construction of day when the water will clean the surface of the manhole cover.
Concrete or asphalt well base casting after laying open the lid, should be timely cleaning, avoid mortar or bitumen will be poured into the manhole cover and a seat body, so as not to affect the day after opening.
Please pay attention to the above, the construction unit noted that due to improper installation or overloading of vehicles caused by broken wells, does not belong to the scope of our factory warranty, not jointly and severally liable.

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