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Spring manhole cover

Now covers a lot of names, but also because of market demand for the cover of a lot of refinement, such as three well covers, five manhole cover, anti settlement covers, and spring covers.
The following materials for you about what color is the spring cover:
Spring covers is actually a nickname in five anti covers, because the following class covers the installation of anti-theft device so referred to as spring spring cover, it is with a spring clip do, firmly stuck to the manhole cover anti-theft role.
Spring covers luster building materials in the manufacture of pay attention to the following details:
The new anti-theft lock and key are designed with high hardness and embroidered brass, so that the lock can not be rusted during the daily use, and the manhole cover can not be opened. The new five proof double deck ductile iron manhole cover adopts the well cover and the well ring as an integral design, and the rotary installation lock has obtained the national utility model patent. (patent name: top surface, flat, mosaic, rotary locking structure of multi-function well tools, application number / patent number: 200420077660) anti noise anti-theft manhole cover, no noise, comply with environmental protection requirements. My company's ductile iron manhole cover, each product has been processed by three procedures, so that the manhole cover and the ring of the contact surface is zero, so that the 100% can be seamless anastomosis, to stop the noise when passing vehicles. In the new five design concept with a new cover design, so that the vehicle through the manhole cover, manhole cover not hit, but the first hit the edge of the well ring, prevent covers the sinking of the whole, effectively solve the "city covers around the bad side" problem.
Anti dropping cast iron manhole cover, strong bearing capacity. During the experiment, the 500KN pressure of the product is not damaged, and the carrying capacity is much better than the national standard (360KN). At the same time meet the EU EN124 standard requirements. The utility model can be rolled by various heavy trucks, and the accidents caused by the well cover fall can be effectively prevented.
The utility model has the advantages of antiskid, fine casting technology, clear product lines, unique anti-skid patterns on the surface of the covers, increased friction force, and prevention of pedestrian slip due to rain, snow and ice cover.

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