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Technical requirements for installation of cast iron well cover

Cast iron manhole cover is a kind of nodular cast iron, nodular cast iron by spheroidization and inoculation by spherical graphite, effectively improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, especially the plasticity and toughness can be higher than the strength of carbon steel increased. Cast iron well cover is a kind of high strength cast iron material. Its comprehensive property is close to steel. It is based on its excellent properties that it has been successfully used to cast parts with complex force, high strength, toughness and high wear resistance. The so-called "iron instead of steel", mainly refers to ductile iron. Cast iron is also good or bad quality, whether the middle contains sand hole, impurity is one of the standards to identify cast iron manhole cover.
Here we introduce the construction requirements of cast iron well cover:
1. the well shall have a raised height not less than 3mm.
2. covers and Rain Olivier should be made smooth and smooth with the surface of the support, no cracks and cold separation, shrinkage and other defects that affect the performance of the manhole cover can not be repaired.
3. the structure and size of the cover and the support shall meet the requirements, and ensure the interchangeability of the manhole cover and the support.
4. the contact surface of the well cover is machined with the supporting surface of the support to ensure the smooth contact between the manhole cover and the support.
5., the bearing capacity of the manhole cover is not less than 360KN, allowing residual deformation is 1/300*D, and the carrying capacity of Rain Olivier is not less than 140KN.
6., between the cover and support should be galvanized chain connection or other forms of locking device. Olivier and wells ring can through the pin (or other form) is the turning point of not less than 120 degrees.

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