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The national standard and installation notice of cast iron well cover

Small cast iron covers bear the responsibility of people travel safety, therefore, these standards are also built for everyone's safety, not careless oh!
Set the light Q grade mark occasions prohibit motor vehicles entering the green corridor, bike lanes and sidewalks, ordinary type P steam 10 level and following vehicles on the road or parking of heavy vehicles or Z road parking site covers defense is used to cover up the matter on the road or in a deep well, used to prevent people or things fall.
Cast iron covers are generally divided into round and square, in the urban areas of highways, generally used round, because the circular manhole cover is not easy to tilt, can better protect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. Use the circular, mainly taking into account the circular covers through its center of each diameter length is the same, so if the covers were passing vehicles rolled up, because no matter how rolling, the diameter will be slightly wider than the wellhead, will not fall to the wellhead to manhole cover.
And if the square is used, because the square diagonal is obviously longer than each of its side length, such a manhole cover is rolled up, it is easy to fall into the well along the diagonal line of the wellhead, resulting in security risks. If the wellhead is circular or smaller than the manhole cover, the square manhole cover will not fall into the well. Here is the question of the maximum use and savings of a material. The wellhead is used depends on the size of the wellhead, if to a non square manhole cover installed in the above area is far greater than the wellhead, then the material utilization and practical value of nature is not directly using the circular covers more effective, saving material covers also ensures the safety of the wellhead.
In the countryside and cable wells, the use of square, so that it can better prevent rainwater and other liquids into the.
In our country the national standard cast iron manhole cover has many kinds, single and double, cast iron, ductile iron, cement, composite, magnesite and so on.
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First, the manhole cover, water grate brick or concrete foundation should be covered by the manhole cover, water grate size to determine its inner diameter or length x width.
Two, be sure to keep the foundation flat, and the whole well ground is stable and free of looseness.
Three, cement pavement installation, the mouth of the brick masonry, with C25 concrete pouring 20cm thick, and in the outer casting radius 40cm concrete protection ring, maintenance for 10 days.
Four, asphalt pavement installation, we must pay attention to avoid construction, machine direct rolling manhole cover, well seat.
Five, in order to maintain the manhole cover, the water grate has beautiful appearance. Writing, pattern clear, pavement asphalt or cement, to cover well, water grate surface protection, so as not to stain, can not be cleaned.
Six, concrete well base casting or laying asphalt, should be timely covers open cleaning, avoid mortar or bitumen covers, water grate and well base poured into one, so as not to affect the day after opening.

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