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Self regulating anti settling well cover

Each city management department of manhole subsidence is a headache, for a large number of covers now appear in the practical application of sinking and highway not a plane and caused damage to vehicles and pedestrians, to build a team and research, finally invented the self adjustable anti settlement cover, by the advent of a received user well, in actual use, no manhole subsidence situation. Introduce the function of preventing settlement characteristic of casting to cover:
First of all, regard the well circle as a part of the road surface so as to integrate it. Only in this way can the situation of manhole cover sink be avoided
Secondly, the method of linking the well cover with the well ring is changed. The pressure on the well covers is evenly dispersed on the well ring.
Third, the well ring of the well cover is combined with the asphalt layer of the road surface as a whole. Thus, the force acting on the well becomes the force acting on the entire road surface, increasing the force area and reducing the pressure.
Fourth, the stress state of the well ring has been changed completely, and more than 80% of the driving load is directly received by the road through the well ring. The remaining 20% pressure is not easy to cause the sink to sink.
Fifth, under the external influence, the well ring will automatically rise and fall along with the road surface, will cause it and the road surface to maintain to the same degree, may avoid the well ring to gush the scene. This is the concept of self regulation, self adjustment is also known as smart covers.
Sixth, in the maintenance of the road, you can take the well, ring out, from the new installation. In this way, the well ring can be conveniently replaced so as to keep the manhole cover in a better working state at all times.

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